Joline Shervey - Raw Chef & Food Designer

Joline Shervey – Raw Chef & Food Designer

Hi and Welcome! My name is Joline.

I live in Brisbane – Australia. I am the Mother of a charming Girl.

I am a life lover and food creator… Actually, I am creator – full stop. :-)

As long as I can cook, paint, laugh, dance, sing, decorate, craft or make gifts for others I am a happy person… so I better create! hehe…

I studied Art, music and German in Germany and raw cooking was certainly not part of my education. Raw Cooking – or raw food creating if one wants to be a purist – has become a part of my world from the time I arrived in Australia which was 2003 – in 2007 I worked as a Raw Chef in NSW in one of the then rare Raw Food Catering Businesses in Australia.Then I moved to Brisbane and here I gave traditional German cooking classes, did Life Coaching, managing an office, raising my beautiful daughter before the idea of offering Raw Cooking Classes stroke me. Now I am catering for Cafes, run my own little one and teach Raw Food wherever I can.

As a German, raw food meant a green salad as might for many still. Creating and designing food is one of my first passions discovered after art and craft in childhood. Since I am twelve I cooked for my then 7 head family (my mother and her five kids, of which I am the oldest) – born form the necessity having to help out in the house.

While mostly raw, I will post now and then healthy cooked meals – vegan, vegetarian or even dishes involving meat – whatever I create and am proud of to share. So no, I am not eating a 100% Raw, nor will I never I believe. I like balance, baking and also my German heritage :-) However, I lean towards more and more raw and love exploring new stuff and flavours every day. Whatever I come across worth mentioning I pass on in my cooking classes or feed to people at dinner events and my cafe Raw Fun :-)

For the people who do not know what Raw Food is, here a quick Intro:

Raw Food as in a diet / life style involves preparing unprocessed natural foods – in purists circles only vegan (plant based) foods – that has not been heated above 42-48 Degrees. Why not? Because food loses its nutritional value when exposed to too much heat. In a nut shell for raw cooking one can only use foods that need not to be thoroughly cooked: fruit, seeds, nuts and vegetables. All meals in the raw diet are based on those four food groups, which occur naturally in the plant world and do usually not need to be processed or cooked.

So in my raw fun cooking classes in in my raw recipes we do not use:  no dairy, no grains, no meat (although one can eat raw meat and is a raw foodist in a way), no soy, no processed/refined sugars, no artificialness and no nasties – EVER!!! And to show you that, although restricted, the raw food world and its delights aren’t boring just check out these food creation pictures.

Raw Spaghetti Marinara

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